The Wonderful World of Chargers

Cell Phone Chargers Galore!

Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers

The future is here! Our phones moved from corded to cordless, and now our chargers are going the same route. Soon we can just charge them with our brains! …Anyway, moving on. Wireless chargers are handy because you can now charge your phone on the go, say while your phone is in your bag, or not have to worry about pets and small children getting tangled in, or biting, the cords. Your counter or nightstand also looks much cleaner without cords sprouting from the wall every which way!

Car Chargers

Car Chargers

I love my car charger! It means I do not have to be a stickler about using my phone while out and about, running errands or on road trips. I love plugging my phone in and playing music while driving, checking prices or products online while in the store, or, yes I’ll admit it, using the GPS for directions once in a while. Then I can just plug it in while I’m in the car and it’s good to go!

Solar Chargers

Solar Chargers

We are harnessing the power of the sun for our homes, cars, and to power all sorts of other things, so why not harness it to charge our phones? It’s a wonderful green energy that does not hurt the and you can use it without worry of it running out! If the sun does run out we’ll have more problems than finding a place to charge our phones. And you can charge your phone anywhere! How cool is that? It’s a magical time to be alive people!

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